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Born on November 17th, 2005
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One day, a long while ago, I was at my grandparents' house.  They had an Apple Macintosh computer.  On it, there was a game called "Barrack" by Ambrosia Software.  I thought the game was one of the coolest things ever, and when I got home, I was unhappy that I could not play it, because I did not have a Mac, but a PC with Windows.  I found some cheapo game called "Jezzball" on the internet, but even though it employed a very similar gameplay concept, that game lacked the variety of different ball types and was thus boring compared to Barrack.

There were only three ways I could play Barrack:

1. Go to my grandparents' house again, which was really far away and would only be a temporary solution.

2. Buy a Mac.

3. Program my own version of Barrack.

Guess which number I chose!

There was actually a fourth option of getting a Mac emulator for Windows, which I did.  It was called Basilisk or something.  But it froze a lot, for me at least, and plus it was way more fun to make my own version anyways =)

Note: This game is for DOS, so it'll run in Windows 9x and maybe XP, but on any other platform you'll need a DOS emulator like the amazing DOSBox.
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Barrack QBasic 7.1 source code (GPL)
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